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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, our first priority is to protect the safety of our patients and staff. We are continuing to follow the guidance from the Government about stopping non-essential travel and protecting high risk groups, and as such we have taken the decision to postpone all of our appointments for the next few weeks.

Despite this, we are carrying on as best we can. We are offering video consultations for anybody enquiring about or interested in discussing treatments with us.

Please call our treatment advisor Sasha on 0114 350 3180 and select option 2, and she will be happy to help. Or please complete one of our contact forms here.

We will also happily arrange a short video consultation with your usual clinician, if you have any concerns about your dental situation. They will assess you as best they can, as well as advise you on any course of action required.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility in these uncertain times.

At one80 Dental we enjoy meeting new patients and happily welcome anyone wishing to join the practice. Whatever your reason for joining you can relax safe in the knowledge that you are in experienced hands.

We understand that finding the right dental practice and the right dentist is a big task and it can take up a lot of time; our aim is to help make your choice an easy one, but more importantly the right one for you. It is important that you feel confident in your decision and that you can trust your dentist to listen and give you the right advice and care.

Every member of our team is dedicated to maintaining the highest possible standards in every aspect of your care and it is our belief that by placing you at the centre of all that we do, we can work with you to achieve exceptional results. Our clinicians take the time to understand you and your dental history, they will assess you based on your individual needs and concerns and offer honest and informative advice to support you and your oral health from start to finish. The ultimate aim is to support you in getting and maintaining a confident and healthy smile.

Our modern and welcoming practice brings together a diverse mix of clinicians each with an impressive breadth of expertise and knowledge enabling them to provide the best quality treatments and overall results for you, ranging from routine dental care to advanced restorative dentistry. They are supported by an experienced team of hygienists and nurses as well as reception and support staff.

Our Approach
Once you have registered with us as a new patient, we book you straight in for an oral health assessment with the dentist. It is an important opportunity for us to check your dental health and identify any potential or existing problems. It equally gives you the chance to come in, meet us, see the practice and get to know your new dentist. You can also ask any questions or discuss anything that might be worrying you.

During your first visit to us we never start any treatment; instead we take time to gather information, listen to your needs and expectations and talk through possible outcomes. It is important for you that you do not rush into any decisions regarding dental treatment. We focus on making appropriate recommendations to you, (often there are several options available) and we explain them in full. We won’t rush you and we won’t start any treatment until you are happy with your treatment plan.

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New Patient FAQs

Please do not worry, you are not alone – did you know that dental related anxiety affects around 11% of the UK population?  If you are nervous of the dentist, one80 Dental is the right practice for you. We are one of the only dental practices in the UK to have an in-house service dedicated to the management of dental related anxiety and phobias.  Through a combination of behavioural and cognitive therapy and practical advice, our service can help you to control or in some cases rid yourself of dental related nervousness. Our dentists take part in regular training provided by our unique anxiety management service so they can understand and support you with your worries. They will take their time to put you at ease, allay any fears and endeavour to help you feel more positive about your trips to the dentist.

Our new patient appointments usually take 30-45 minutes and include a thorough assessment of your teeth, gums and bite. The appointment will also involve an initial chat to give you time to ask questions and to get to know your new dentist, followed by routine X-Rays (if required). If you need any routine dental work carrying out then your dentist will talk it through, create a treatment plan and provide you with an estimate. If you do not need treatment, they may suggest you make an appointment with a member of the hygiene services team and will advise that you book a check-up with them at regular intervals, usually every six months.

Yes. If you have chosen to register with us for your dental care (either routine or complex) then you are eligible to join one of our dental maintenance membership plans which help to breakdown the cost of your routine dental care into manageable monthly payments. Find out more about the payment plans and other benefits here. Your dentist will guide you as to which plan is the most appropriate for you and your dental health needs.

Yes. As a centre for advanced dentistry we regularly perform complex surgical procedures and as such are committed to providing our patients with a high level of aftercare. If you need to see a dentist after surgery or for a more routine issue, then you can call us, and we will see you on the same day where possible.

Most definitely.  We happily welcome both adults and children at one80 Dental, we are a strong advocate of starting a dental routine as early as possible and you can rest assured that your children will receive a high-quality service from our experienced, friendly team.  Learn more about our family membership plans here.

Often by the time you have started looking into arranging a consultation with a specialist you have either been made aware of a specific issue by your own dentist or have come to the realisation yourself that something more needs to be done. A specialist is a practitioner who is recognised to be more qualified and more experienced to offer and perform, amongst other things advanced techniques which can achieve greater levels of success, particularly in complex cases.

At one80 Dental each of our specialists have undergone intensive advanced training as well as postgraduate study within a certain area of dentistry, this in turn qualifies them to focus on dealing with problems using solutions specific to their chosen field.

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