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At one80 Dental we understand the importance of a great smile and the positive impact it can have on many aspects of your life.  Personally, professionally and socially your smile makes up a big part of who you are, but when there are things about it that you are unhappy with it can cause issues with self-confidence, feelings of general wellbeing and the way you interact with others.


There are many ways to improve your smile, from the simple to the more complex. Whether you are looking simply to brighten your teeth with whitening or stain removal therapy, straighten your teeth with orthodontic treatment or restore worn, broken or missing teeth, our diverse team of specialists and restorative dentists can help to give you that happy, healthy and natural-looking smile.


Everything we do at one80 Dental is focused on providing the right solution for you. Your treatment will be tailored to your individual needs, planned in detail and will recommend the most appropriate options with an aim to fit with your lifestyle and preferences.  As standard we use the latest dental innovations and technology for optimum, long-lasting results and naturally beautiful smiles. In short, you can rest assured that at one80 Dental, you will be well looked after.


Smile Design

You may be considering making changes to your smile if

  • You are unhappy with or self-conscious about the appearance, shape and / or colour of your teeth.
  • You are concerned or unhappy with the positioning or angle of one or more of your teeth.
  • You have an uneven smile including chipped or crooked teeth
  • You have an uneven gum line sometimes referred to as a ‘gummy smile’
  • You are missing one or more teeth, and you are struggling to eat or chew properly
  • You generally feel embarrassed by your teeth and avoid smiling in social situations
  • You have old fillings (silver or amalgam) or previous dental treatment that either causes you issues
  • You have a significant event coming up such as a birthday, holiday, wedding or anniversary.


At one80 Dental we have the expertise, facilities and experience all under one roof to provide solutions to each of these areas of concern.  We can help to improve the appearance of your smile and overall oral health using treatments and techniques such as composite bonding, veneers and crowns to restore worn or chipped teeth; advanced orthodontics can help with aligning crooked or malpositioned teeth, and our specialist led restorative team can help to restore a full smile with dental implants, bridgework or dentures.


Our team will discuss your treatment options and recommendations after your initial consultation and detailed assessment.  As standard during this initial appointment, we will take a digital impression of your mouth using our 3D intra-oral (within the mouth) scanner, this process is quick and much less invasive than traditional impression taking.  This digital scan enables us to show you the inside of your mouth immediately, which helps us to talk through your concerns in a much more dynamic and interactive way.  In some cases we can also provide you with a ‘mock-up’ simulation of your ideal smile that you can take away with you at the end of your first appointment**.  We will then use this scan to aid us in the treatment planning phase of your new smile.


** Please note that at this stage of assessment the simulation is just an indication of a possible treatment outcome, and much more detailed planning will be required by your dentist before treatment can start.

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