Oral Hygiene

Prevention is the best approach to healthcare, and with dentistry maintaining good oral hygiene means you should be able to keep you natural teeth for life.

Brushing twice a day and interdental cleaning (flossing/interproximal brushes) are therefore important, but not quite enough; there will be areas of your mouth, particularly at the back, that you cannot reach and so regular professional cleaning with a dental hygienist are often an important component to your oral health maintenance.

These appointments are an opportunity to receive valuable feedback and guidance on your oral hygiene regimen; unfortunately, even late into adulthood, many people have never received the right advice on how to clean their teeth and gums properly.

For instance, vigorous brushing in jagged motions can wear away the teeth and gums to expose the sensitive dentine, and hard to reach pockets of plaque build-up can be routinely missed.

Hygiene appointments are a reliable way to remove plaque. If it is not removed, plaque hardens into calculus (tartar) that’s too stubborn for normal brushing and flossing to remove, and can lead to gum disease and cause tooth loss.

At one80dental we use the Airflow system, a quick and comfortable way to remove stains and discolouration from red wine, tea and coffee, and thoroughly remove dental plaque.

It blasts a mix of water, compressed air and fine powder particles that is better at removing the damaging biofilm that develops when dental plaque has been allowed to accumulate.

If you have ever cringed as a scraping tool is used around your gums or a polishing brush or disc presses onto your tooth, you will welcome air polishing because it is painless and fast. There is no probing by metal tools and no vibration or heat, ideal if you suffer from sensitive teeth. It is three times faster than traditional methods.

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