Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is treatable if diagnosed early enough

There are a number of treatments for gum disease and depending on the extent of the problem the type of treatment can vary.  At one80 Dental our Periodontal services team has a breadth of experience and knowledge in the prevention and treatment of gum disease at all stages, from early onset to advanced disease.   The main aim is to not only to stabilise or entirely eradicate (if possible) active gum disease but also to try and prevent further progression or relapse. 

Patient focused, specialist led care

At one80 Dental we regularly meet patients who have had gum disease diagnosed during a routine dental examination.  The next stage in understanding your periodontal condition involves a detailed assessment by Dr Fergus Machin who has extensive additional training and expertise in the treatment and care of periodontal disease.  In all cases our treatment planning phase is focused around understanding your history and providing treatment plans appropriate to you and the extent to which you are suffering with gum disease. We will not begin any treatment until you are comfortable with the course of action being proposed. 


Non-surgical Periodontal Surgery or root surface debridement (RSD)

If identified in the early stages, the first phase of treatment will involve tailored oral hygiene instruction and deep cleaning known as root surface debridement (RSD); this is a targeted therapy to clean under the gums using a special technique to remove plaque and any hard calculus from the pockets and root surfaces of the teeth.  At one80 Dental this initial course of treatment is often carried out by our experienced hygiene services team or by Dr Machin, depending on the extent and severity of the disease. The aim is to stabilise the disease to allow for long term maintenance. Dr Machin will regularly review your progress, where appropriate.


More serious cases will naturally require more detailed or advanced treatments.  At one80 Dental we use a variety of surgical interventions in the management of severe periodontitis and our team use some of the most advanced techniques available, coupled with best clinical practice and modern surgical facilities. Depending on what is the most appropriate treatment for your individual needs, these procedures can sometimes include bone grafting or regenerative, mucogingival procedures and/or dental implant placement in the case of tooth loss or tooth extraction.


Bone grafting and periodontal tissue regeneration are advanced procedures which can in some cases regenerate the lost bone and tissue supporting your teeth and reverse some of the damage caused by the progression of periodontal disease. 


Periodontal regenerative surgery can be performed to increase the chances of you keeping your natural teeth where there has been significant loss. We will discuss all of your options with you, and will recommend the most appropriate treatment, as well as the aftercare required to maintain your oral health.


At one80 Dental we constantly invest in our practice, focusing on adopting the most up to date techniques (supported by clinical research) and leading technologies.   Our Periodontal Services team provide treatments and therapies using the renowned EMS Air-Flow® System including Perioflow and as standard.  The Perioflow allows for minimally-invasive and effective treatment of periodontal pockets, implant surfaces and interdental spaces, and it has revolutionised the way in which we are able to treat and prevent periodontal conditions.   It is particularly effective for supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) and non-surgical treatment of peri-implantitis and periodontitis.


Specialist Referral Centre, support for your dentist

One80 Dental is also a Specialist Referral Centre, which means that our team can work closely with your own dentist to help address your dental concerns whatever they may be. Ask them to give us a call or complete a referral form online and our team will do the rest. We will keep your dentist regularly updated on your progress and we will return you to their care once we have completed the work set out in their referral to us.

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