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Our story is a simple one. For more than 20 years we have been committed to helping our patients achieve exceptional results no matter how bad they feel their dental problems might be. We are passionate about dentistry and every member of the team is enthusiastic about its potential to improve our patient’s lives.

At one80 Dental we are committed to using the latest technology in our dental practice, helping us to deliver the highest standard of care. We have assembled an outstanding team of dental professionals and specialists to provide thorough and innovative dental treatments. Our state-of-the-art in-house facilities including CBCT and 3D scanning, this computer and AI aided design mean we are at the forefront of modern dentistry and able to ensure long-lasting results and naturally beautiful smiles.

Caring dentistry in a beautiful calm environment
one80 Dental has always been at the forefront of dental implant treatments and the practice was designed specifically with our patients in mind. Nigel and Zoe Rosenbaum wanted to create a tranquil space for our patients to receive the best possible care and ultimately the very best results across multiple disciplines including Implant Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics and General Dentistry.

The practice is equipped to the highest standard with high-end facilities including dedicated treatment rooms for almost all aspects of dental treatment and therapies. We offer a relaxed personal service with an emphasis on quality care and outcomes. We believe patients should be given all the information they need to make the best decision for their treatments as well as for the prevention of any future dental and oral health problems; we always discuss and carefully plan your treatment with you and we take a non-judgemental and empathetic approach.

We offer free treatment adviser consultations for anyone wishing to find out exactly how we can help and ask any questions they may have regarding specific dental treatments. Since our doors opened on this site in 2013, we have helped hundreds of patients realise their potential. Every member of our team is committed to working with you to achieve a happy and confident smile, and whether you are a nervous new patient or an anxious regular, we will always work hard to put you at ease and keep you coming back to us time and time again. In short, you can rest assured that at one80 Dental, you will be well looked after.

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Unique in-house service for patients suffering with dental anxiety and stress
Our modern, busy lifestyles have a lot to answer for and increasingly we see everyday stresses and strains seriously impact on our general wellbeing and physical health, and although it may not seem like an obvious partnership, there is a lot of evidence to support the need for cognitive and/or behavioural therapies within dental care. As part of our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional patient care and innovation we are proud to be the only dental practice in the UK providing a dedicated service focusing on supporting patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist or suffering with stress or habit related issues which have led to dental problems. Our innovative service has shown to be highly effective in reducing anxiety, pain and improving overall results for our patients.

Our clinicians have spent many years meeting patients suffering with often debilitating issues such as serious dental anxiety or phobia, facial or jaw pain, headaches and the effects of clenching or grinding teeth. In many cases these symptoms are manifestations of everyday stress, incorrect posture and habits formed over many years and any one of them has the potential to detrimentally effect the dental health of a person suffering with them. At one80 Dental we regularly see first-hand the impact they can have, we meet patients who have been living with facial pain or tooth wear or dental anxiety so severe that it has felt impossible to visit the dentist for even the simplest of procedures, eventually resulting in the destruction of natural or replacement teeth. We realised that we could be supporting our patients much more by taking a wider more rounded look at them and not just focusing on the obvious issues in the mouth.

At one80 Dental this service is integral to our patient care and our ethos is to give our patients the best opportunity to benefit fully from the dental care and expertise we offer, by supporting them at all levels to take advantage of regular visits to the dentist for quality dental care, and a happy, healthy, confident smile.

Specialist Referral Centre
one80 Dental is also a Specialist Referral Centre which means that your own dentist can work closely with our team to address your dental problems whatever they may be. We will keep your dentist regularly updated on your progress and we will return you to their care once we have completed the work set out in their referral to us. Ask them to give us a call or complete a referral form online and our team will do the rest.

Education is our a passion
All our team members are committed to their chosen specialisms or areas of interest, they are highly experienced and naturally keep up to date with the latest innovations and most advanced techniques and methods available. They are committed to continuous personal development and attend regular training courses, conferences and both attend and lead lectures to help keep themselves and one80 Dental at the forefront of advanced dentistry.

We regularly provide in-house education for our dental colleagues through seminars, training courses and one-to-one mentoring and teaching. We are also the training and knowledge hub for the region for providing behavioural and cognitive therapies in the dental setting, led by John Davies.

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