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Traditional dentures are used to replace a single missing tooth, multiple missing teeth or a whole set of missing teeth and are ideal if you are considering a wholly removable solution for your missing teeth.  They are a resilient and long-lasting solution and can improve both your smile and your confidence, whilst at the same time restoring the natural function of your teeth and the ability to enjoy a more balanced diet.

Many people come to us either having never experienced well-fitting dentures or having ruled dentures out as an option for them for fear that this could be the case.  Very often they find it difficult to believe that a truly accurate and comfortable fit could ever be achieved.  At one80 Dental however, we offer high-specification, affordable denture solutions with a superior fit and have helped many happy patients take back their smile.




Partial dentures

If you are considering a partial denture then you will still have some or most of your natural remaining teeth remaining.  A partial denture can be used to replace one tooth or even several missing teeth in either the upper or lower jaw.  In many cases when your tooth or teeth have been missing for a long time it can cause your underlying jawbone to shrink meaning that dentures are sometimes the least invasive solution to help re-gain your smile.  Modern removable dentures options have moved on leaps and bounds in recent years and can provide you with an aesthetic, comfortable and functional solution.

At one80 Dental our specialist in the replacement of missing teeth (or Prosthodontics) is experienced in several partial, and complete denture systems and will work with you to find the most appropriate solution for you.


Complete dentures

When you have lost all your teeth in either the upper or lower jaw the options to replace them are generally limited to a complete conventional denture which is removable, or implant-supported solutions which can be fixed or removable.

Whilst dental implants can offer the ideal solution for some patients with missing teeth, they may not be suitable for everyone.  That doesn’t mean however, that you cannot have accurately fitting, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable dentures that work with you, rather than against you.

At one80 Dental we offer full dentures using the Bio functional Prosthetic System (or BPS).  We have worked closely with our BPS trained laboratory technicians for many years to produce superior, comfortable dentures with an accurate fit and a natural look.  BPS dentures can be individualised to a greater degree than many other available denture systems, meaning that individual tooth shades and shapes can be used instead of just white, regular, false looking teeth.  Your BPS dentures can have a true to nature, individual appearance.

The BPS approach provides dentures with a high degree of function, using a high strength acrylic, coupled with more natural looking teeth, and often in a more natural arrangement.

We use digital technology to support our treatment planning, and by producing an accurate digital 3D image of your mouth we are able to reproduce the function of your natural bite and teeth.  The dentures are then produced to a very high specification and made from a strong material both are factors which help ensure they achieve a far superior fit to any other system we have encountered.  Over the years our BPS denture patients have told us that their properly fitting dentures have changed their lives, resulting in enormous improvements in self-confidence and far greater enjoyment of meals and social occasions.

Our Specialist in Prosthodontics, Nigel Rosenbaum, has used the BPS denture system since 1997 and also regularly provides teaching courses for dental colleagues on how to use the system.

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Quick Dental Implant FAQs

Aside from the general health and social aspects, the consequences of missing teeth (single or multiple) on your dental health can be significant.

Teeth can drift and move position in the mouth, resulting in a disrupted natural bite, head, neck and shoulder pains as well as hard to clean areas between your teeth, leaving you susceptible to dental decay, gum disease or oral infections. Associated bone loss in the jaw can also occur during or just after tooth extraction, as well as natural shrinkage of bone in the area where a tooth once was.  Often in these circumstances many people rule themselves out of dental implants as a solution, as having enough bone is crucial to the stabilisation of the implant.  Even in these cases at one80 Dental we can help.

Our specialist in Prosthodontics, Nigel Rosenbaum has over 20 years’ experience of providing dentures and implant supported dentures as solutions for patients with missing or no teeth and has a great depth of knowledge of high-quality, advanced denture systems. He will be able to advise which type of denture is appropriate to your individual needs.  During the treatment planning phase, he will determine the best options available for you and will discuss them in full before starting any work.

At one80 Dental we provide individual treatment plans based on your particular needs.  The cost of possible treatment options will therefore be outlined to you after your initial consultation and assessment and depending on any complexities, the costs may vary.  As a guide please visit our Fees page.

Throughout your treatment we will be clear with you about costs, what to expect and when to make payment(s). To help spread the costs for complex cases we offer individual payment plans or 0% Finance. Visit our Finance pages to find out more.

Improved confidence in social situations and regain the ability to eat a more varied diet.

Affordable alternative to dental implants.

Accurate and high precision fit.  Due to the advanced manufacturing process used to fabricate BPS dentures (including heat and pressure cured technique) it means that we can provide both a more precise and comfortable fit than a conventional denture.  The teeth are some of the hardest teeth available, with superior strength and durability, typically lasting more than 10 years which is ideal for complete dentures.

Aesthetically pleasing.  The size, shape, colour and position of the replacement teeth can be individually designed allowing for a premium aesthetic appearance and a natural looking smile.

Hygienic option because they can be removed, easily cleaned and maintained.

They can be stabilised with dental implants to retain them in the mouth, if appropriate.   Typically, two implants could be used to stabilise a lower denture, and two implants or more can be used in the upper jaw, and depending on how many implants are used this lessens the need for a palate.

Dentures can be retained (or stabilised) on press-stud type attachments called locators.  These can be connected to natural tooth roots or to dental implants.  Usually we would look to use two locators in the lower jaw and four locators in the upper jaw.

Make a free appointment with our treatment advisor for more information or book a consultation with our Specialist in Prosthodontics to discuss your options.

Some patients prefer fixed crowns or bridgework in their mouths rather than dentures. At one80 Dental, there are several alternative solutions to dentures and removable implant-supported dentures. All-on-4, hybrid, full and zirconia bridgework being some of the options available to you.

We will consider your individual needs and preferences when recommending possible solutions for you during our comprehensive planning and assessment appointments. Our specialist led team will only prescribe solutions or treatments that are appropriate for your case and they will discuss their recommendations with you at length. Learn more about our approach to your care, and what you can expect from your dental implant journey at one80 Dental.

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